Well I can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog until April, this year has flown by! Most of my energy and screen time has been spent on completing my project and so I really didn’t get a chance to blog.

So here we are almost a month after the EMA deadline, I’ll try and bring you up to speed on everything that’s happened!

Despite being rather ill I completed TMA03 with little need to rush; all the little bits of work I’d been managing to do added up to a decent assignment and I improved on my mark for TMA02 by 14 percentage points, getting 84℅. So no pressure on getting a good result for the EMA! 😉

July and August were spent finishing my project, reaching a recommendation from the completed evaluation of solutions and writing my project report for the EMA. Putting it all together into one coherent report was surprisingly difficult, especially with the word count only being a ‘guideline’ meaning it was a little vague as to how far over that it was acceptable to go since every project is different. But I think I did okay, I was over the guideline but it didn’t seem to be by too much and I don’t think I could’ve have omitted much more without losing some of the vital information that needed to be included. But we wait and see. Results are expected by December 2nd, and I’m already checking the page each time I’m on my Student Homepage!

In other news I’ve just started B301, Making Sense of Strategy, the final module for my degree! (Scary or what?!) It’s kind of sad that this marks the beginning of the end of my OU journey; by June next year I shall be nervously awaiting my final lot of results and hopefully my degree classification!

B301 is said to be a challenging module with a lot of theory and as a result a lot of reading. I’m officially 4 days in (but actually started a week and a bit early) and can say it is living up to those things! But I’m actually enjoying it a bit which is always a good sign. After TM470 and with such a short break between the two, it is a bit if a shock to the system – with TM470 you were pretty much left to your own devices as long as you completed a project and wrote a report on it. With B301 I’m having to be more strict on my time and energy management as the study calendar is a lot less flexible than the one I created for my project. I also keep forgetting that the workload for B301 will be higher as TM470 is a 30 credit module whereas B301 is 60 credits and therefore requires twice the amount of time allocated to it. I’ve no doubt I’ll find away to manage though!

Anyway I’m busy preparing for my first tutorial and first assignment by working through the first block (That’s a lot of first’s!) Going to have to remind myself of my tips for long tutorials as it’s been two years since I attended one; none of my modules since I wrote that post have had tutorials local enough for me to attend or have all been online. I’ll try and update this blog in the coming weeks and months but can’t promise anything as energy is proving hard to come by.

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