I haven’t been able to update this blog as often as I’d hoped. So there’s now quite a bit to catch up on.

I got 56% for TMA01; I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed by this bug at the same time remembering everything I’d been going through I think it was a reasonable score.

A lot of project work has been completed, as has TMA02. I received a mark of 70% for that! A great improvement. However my health, having picked up in recent weeks, has recently taken another nosedive. Half hour studying is exhausting. Some days even that isn’t possible because the pain is so severe.

I’m doing little bits here and there but it doesn’t feel like I’m making any real progress. I want to be organised so there isn’t a massive rush come the TMA03 deadline on July 5th but I just can’t seem to get motivated when I am well enough to study. The rest of the time my brain wants to get on but my body says no (well what other message can you get as pain lances through you when you move slightly?!)

I’m back to feeling rather uncertain about how I’m going to manage this module, despite the fact I have a solid idea and have already done a great deal of work towards it. I’ve got a whole list of requirements I need to assess companies offering potential e-commerce solutions for a business against, a bucket load of research into the benefits and risks of e-commerce solutions and how an e-commerce solution can broaden the customer base for a company. (Not just any company but the specific company I’ve based my project on). And there’s more I don’t even want to think about.

Motivation is rather low and quite honestly all I want to do is sleep; if only my illness would let me! I know things will get better again and I’ll find a way to get through the work, and hopefully pass this module but right now the way doesn’t seem clear, in fact it seems fraught with difficulties.

I’m constantly reminding myself why I’m doing this, that I’m just 13 months away from finishing my degree after 6 years hard work (thus far). So close to achieving what I once considered an impossible dream. I’ve got to keep going if only to say I tried.

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