Some of you will already know this but for those of you who aren’t aware, the beginning of this year hasn’t been a particularly easy ride as my health has once again declined. As a result I’ve taken a bit of an absence from social media, only really answering messages (I still poke my head in there occasionally but nowhere near as much as I used to).

This recent decline has been a little different to most I’ve suffered. Usually my mobility is the first thing to suffer; my legs get weaker and I struggle to get around the house. That hasn’t really happened. I’m still managing to get around the house ok with the help of furniture at times.
Instead the fatigue has reached ridiculous levels, doing even the most basic tasks leaves me utterly exhausted. Noise sensitivity is becoming a real difficulty; any background noise leaves me unable to follow a conversation and results in a headache. My hands and arms are also suffering, stupid little things like opening the shampoo bottle have become more of a challenge; what should be a 10 second task can take me anything up to a minute to complete! The recent cold weather has seen the pain in all my joints increase significantly too.
Washing and brushing my hair have also become great challenges, prior to this blip I was managing a shower to wash my hair once, often twice a week. Now it’s a massive effort to shower and wash my hair once a week. I’ve gone days without brushing my hair or been forced to ask one of my parents to brush it for me.
And so I’ve made what some might consider a radical decision, to have my hair cut short in a pixie style. This wasn’t a decision I found easy to make, I love my hair long, being able to tie it back and generally do stuff with it but I’m struggling with it so much yet again that for now at least I think short is best. It should be easier to wash, brush and generally manage given my current energy levels. It’s shorter than I’ve gone previously during these years of illness.

Hopefully it’s a decision I won’t regret. Despite some nerves (OK a lot of nerves…) about getting it done, I’m excited for the benefits it brings; that little bit of independence I’ve felt slipping away in recent weeks. For that alone going short will be worth it!

One Week On…

I don’t regret it. I’ve had a few days of being unsure as to whether it’s the right style for me but it’s growing on me. (No pun intended!) It is SO much easier to wash and brush it’s remarkable!

I can’t stop myself styling it though. To the point I’ve actually bought some wax to hold it in place. It won’t take too much energy and might stop me rearranging my hair each time I go past a mirror! I never did this when it was long but now it’s so easy to do I can actually do it!! Thus far it’s not a decision I regret, in fact despite a few doubts, it may well be one of the best decisions I’ve made. In case you’re wondering what it looks like here’s a photo:

My new ‘pixie’ do!

I hope to update this blog again soon, but as my next uni module commences it could be a while between posts. There should however be updates galore on my study blog over at:

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