I still can’t quite believe I’m writing this but at the end of March I managed to get away for the weekend. I haven’t been away from home like that for over five years; it’s been so long I can’t remember the year of our last holiday! But this year we finally managed it again, and it was brilliant!!

Sure there were some minor issues; we got lost on the way there, I found the bed too firm, the shower was inaccessible and I wasn’t well enough to do anything but lie in the apartment during the evenings. However it was great to have a change of scenery and some sea air!

We only ventured off Butlins site once and that was a bit of a mistake; a three mile walk (wheel) to the centre of Skegness and three miles back in wind and rain wasn’t the best idea! But what holiday would be complete without a hilarious story like that?!

The site itself was really nice, and most importantly of all very wheelchair friendly! I managed to get out and about during the days during our stay and took quite a few pictures despite the wind and rain.

I underestimated just how much good a change of scenery could do, sure the journey was tiring (and slightly stressful when we were lost!) and I didn’t get much restful sleep at night but that didn’t seem to impact on my health too badly. And the payback afterwards wasn’t as severe as I had expected.

For years, I’ve believed holidays were out of the question; based on how badly I coped (or should that be didn’t cope?) with them during the first few years of being ill. Despite the fact we had to take a lot of additional stuff and the few minor issues I mentioned, this one weekend away has proved a holiday is manageable! Overall I had such a fantastic time I’m already looking at places we could go next! Now that’s something I didn’t foresee happening!!

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