Well September has crept up on me quite quickly. After a few months of not studying I’ve decided I need to use this month to slowly get myself back into the studying mindset. And hopefully avoid any major impact on my health. (I can only hope right?!)

You see despite getting plenty of rest during this break, I’ve also picked up a number of bugs and been working on setting up a study area ready for when T320 starts in October. Alongside doing a few fun things I can’t do whilst studying! All this means that although I have seen improvements in my health they haven’t been as great as I’d hoped for. So this module could be another big challenge. But as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to studying!

While my health isn’t all that great right now, I’m confident that by taking things slowly and building up my study hours I will be able to manage this module. In order to do this I have decided to spend the first two weeks of September studying ‘The Good Study Guide’ by Andrew Northedge. I figure that not only will it help me get into the studying mindset and build up the hours I’m able to spend studying, but also the knowledge I gain from studying it might help me with the actual module when it begins!

As soon as the module website opens I plan on printing out the materials – T320 Ebusiness Technologies; foundations and practice has all it’s reading materials online – and making a start on studying them before the official start date. I want, actually I need to get a head start on this module, not just for my usual reasons of if I get a few weeks ahead it doesn’t matter if I have a couple of ‘rough’ days where I’m unable to study because I won’t fall behind. But also because I have an event to attend on the official start date of my module and I know it will require at least a couple of days proper resting to recover. I can’t be sure how much rest will be needed, however from previous experience I can be pretty certain that it will be at least a couple of days perhaps longer. I don’t want to have to worry about falling behind and I don’t want to miss out on going to this family event. Therefore the plan is to get enough of a head start when the module website opens to not have to worry about falling behind in those first few days. Hopefully I’ll recover quickly and the head start will continue to leave me ahead and with some breathing space for any ‘rough’ days that pop up along the way.

Anyway overall I’m looking forward to T320 and what the module will bring, I’m just hoping my health will allow me to enjoy studying and not make it too much of a struggle!!

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