I recently came across a couple of campaigns to help raise awareness of severe M.E. They both struck a chord with me and I plan on participating. But first I thought I’d share them with you in the hope you will also participate and help us raise awareness of severe M.E. Both campaigns are easy to participate in and won’t take much time or energy; but you will need a camera and a social media account!

The first campaign I came across is The Black Dress Selfie.

The idea here is that on August 8th you wear black dress, posting a photo of you in the outfit on social media along with the Black Dress Selfie info graphic, provided below. If you’re female and have a Little Black Dress, all the better. But if you’re male or don’t own a black dress, don’t worry just get a little creative; in my view ‘Black Dress’ could also mean wearing a black outfit.

More information on this campaign is available here: http://sallyjustme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/blackdress.html

The second campaign I’ve come across is Stop The ME Cover Up

The idea of this campaign is to raise awareness of how ignored severe M.E. is. So for this one participants are asked to take a photo of themselves totally or partially covered up, with a message promoting awareness of severe M.E. This can be something simple such as the name of the campaign; Stop The ME Cover Up, a phrase which describes the current level of awareness (“Out of sight, Out of mind” springs to my mind!) or something more revealing about the affects of severe M.E.

More information on this campaign can be found on these sites:

I plan on participating in both campaigns on August 8th, I hope to post my photos both on here and on all my social media accounts. I’ll be using the hash tags #BlackDressSelfie #BlackDressDayForSevereME #StopTheMECoverUp along with my usual #ME #MEAwareness and #SevereMEAwareness hash tags. I’d love to see your selfies for this cause too! Let me know if you get involved!!

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