The weather is gorgeous and I’m going out. I’ve got the clothes picked, a lovely dress I’ve had in my wardrobe a while but no opportunity to wear. But I’m going to be using my wheelchair. Shouldn’t be a problem should it? Wrong.

You see this dress sits above my knees. So to keep my modesty, not embarrass myself or give anybody a shock I need to sit with my legs together. Simple I hear you say? Think again. Have you ever looked at the position of foot pedals on a standard wheelchair? They’re not ideally suited to this. Take a look now:

Now do you see my predicament? The place I need to put both my feet is actually thin air. I could of course sit at an angle, squeezing both feet onto one foot pedal but I suspect after a while this will become uncomfortable. Another potential way round it is to sit with my knees together but feet apart; one on each foot pedal, but again this will cause pain after a while.

So what’s the solution? Should I not wear some of the lovely dresses I own simply because I’m in a wheelchair? Do I need to change my shopping habits and dismiss a truly nice dress simply on the basis of it’s length possibly being inappropriate to be worn in wheelchair? I hope not. Surely there has to be a way around this.

I suspect the solution is going to involve my family making modifications to my wheelchair…once we come up with a suitable idea! Watch this space.

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