Who knew life without the internet is so much more exhausting? I didn’t. Three whole days without the internet. Three days without my social lifeline. Three days of actually doing things and socialising with people face-to-face. That is exhausting. More exhausting than I knew. Anyway I’m back online and blogging again.

Things for me are proving quite challenging right now. I’ve spent a week on crutches unable to put weight on my knee. Judging by the fact something inside it moved and ‘popped’ one day then started feeling a bit better I’m guessing I must’ve partially dislocated something. If I’d known that I would’ve gone to the doctors but I thought it was just muscle. Anyway it’s feeling a lot better now and I’m hobbling around the house unaided. If it happens again I’ll be sure to go to the doctors and get checked out!

So now I’m slowly recovering from that I’ve found myself with a lovely cold. I’ve made myself a makeshift bed on the sofa and have been watching films while occasionally dozing. I think plenty of rest is needed at the moment. As if to make that point clear I slept 6 hours straight last night, a miracle in itself!

Viruses of any kind really seem to like me since I got M.E. I don’t think I ever fully appreciated how strong my immune system was before. Now I long to have that strong immune system back; this weakened one really does let me pick up almost anything going! But with plenty of rest I’ll recover, even if it is a slower than normal recovery. Here’s hoping another virus doesn’t take a liking to me in the meantime!

Despite feeling quite poorly I’m working on a few posts for my blog, not onscreen but in my mind; I have some ideas flowing so am scribbling them down and will be creating the posts as I start feeling a little better. So keep an eye out for those in the (hopefully) near future!

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