The one thing that really helped me get through the tough few weeks I had leading up to my exam is practicing meditation. I’ve come across a couple of fantastic smartphone apps which have really helped me so I thought I’d share.

Andrew Johnson’s Relax Lite and Power Nap apps (definitely available for Android) are free and I downloaded them just to try. I’ve been suitably impressed by them and will now look into buying some of the other meditation apps Andrew Johnson offers.

The guided meditations in these apps are of perfect length to do during a break from revising or at the beginning of the day. Come the end of the meditation I feel relaxed and energised (now don’t take that too seriously – it doesn’t miraculously mean I can do everything I want!) Without them I think I would have been even more of a mess during those few weeks – before I started using the apps I came very close to giving up on my degree, the stress of recent events, combined with my health declining among other things, had me wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea and thinking it was an impossible feat.

But things changed. I can’t say it’s all thanks to the meditation apps but they certainly helped. They allowed me to take time out from constantly stressing, to relax and when I finished one of the meditations I felt calmer and more in control, positive about what I’m embarking on. It didn’t seem totally impossible like it did before the meditation.

All in all I honestly don’t know what state I’d be in now if I hadn’t chosen to try these apps in those few weeks. They are quite honestly some of the best meditation apps I have come across! Well worth a try if you’re feeling stressed or want to try your hand at meditation – anyone can do it.

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