It’s come to my attention that perhaps some of you would like to know about new blog posts, but may not want to follow my personal twitter account, or even be on twitter! And I’m quite selective when it comes to who I have as Facebook friends.

So I’ve created a Twitter account for this blog:¬†@ALifeWithinME from which I will only post updates about and relevant to this blog & M.E. news! However if you want to see all my other tweets, ramblings, rants, moans and other nonsense you can still feel free to follow my personal account¬†@SmilingClare

I have also created a Facebook page where I will post the links to blog posts, M.E. related articles, other blogs etc. So if you’re on Facebook feel free to like A Life Within an Illness on there.

Otherwise you can be notified of new posts directly by email, see the box on the right-hand side of the page. You can follow this blog on blogger by adding it to your reading list. Or of course just drop by now and again.

It’s up to you but if you never want to miss a post or want another way to get in touch, take your pick from the methods above!

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