As ME Awareness Week draws to a close here I am blogging again, this time not so much an awareness piece (although since this isn’t the normal life of a 21 year old it could be classed as one) but a thank you and an update on me.

First off, I have been amazed by the response to my two ME Awareness posts, THANK YOU for the comments, tweets and shares they are all very much appreciated! Especially the shares which help me in my quest to spread awareness of this debilitating illness. At the request of a few people I will be putting together a post with more tips and tricks that help me in my everyday life as a continuation from my ME-versary post, so watch out for that in the next few months!

And now onto a little update on me…

I’m currently on a bit of a roller-coaster health-wise, well okay it’s not just my health but an emotional one too. Last week someone very dear to me sadly passed away, and although not unexpected it has still come as a bit of a shock to the system. For the most part I am coping pretty well with it, but with the added stress and pressure of a looming exam my M.E. is taking a bit of a battering.

The days are currently spent trying to revise, which is difficult when I can’t seem to focus on anything. But I know I need to get a good part of the revision done before the funeral next week, since I’m predicting a few days of bad health after the funeral due to the effort involved and of course the emotional impact. But my body is free to surprise me and be perfectly fine if it wants (Yes I am an optimist!). Whatever happens I only have a week and a half after the funeral to prepare for my exam, so the more I can get done beforehand the better, just in case I have under estimated the recovery time.

There’s a little more about revision and my latest assignment results available on my study blog.

So for now I may be quieter than normal as I undertake the activities of the next few weeks, but I will update you all as and when I can.

This evening I’m celebrating managing to have bare feet all day thanks to the lovely warm weather we currently have here in Essex. Sounds strange to most people I’m sure but generally I can’t do without socks because my feet will go ice cold and slightly blue in colour.

Anyway, I’m off to spend the rest of the evening resting on the sofa, cos my Friday nights rock like that! As ever feel free to share, comment and tweet.

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