Well here in the UK summer has made an appearance, almost 30C and bright sunshine. Normally this kind of weather helps my symptoms but not this year. In fact it seems to have brought more out, pain levels are still amazingly high, it’s hard to sleep because of the humidity and itchy heat rash. However I am managing to enjoy the weather and get out in the garden most days, lying on a garden bench under the gazebo or on the swing seat in the shade. Hopefully going out to the coast one day this week as well, to get away from the troublesome atmosphere here at home. Also have a fantastic friend visiting so this week will be busy with that and juggling a bit of study when I can whilst hopefully getting enough rest!

It’s not been easy this past week with neighbours having music blaring either indoors, in the garden or both at times! It’s especially difficult when I’m having a bad ME day anyway – which most of last week was. I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday which totally wiped me out. Luckily it did provide me with a bit of help in the form of new anti-histamines for my hay fever. However it was definitely hard work – the fluorescent lights were far too bright and sitting up for so long proved very difficult, I almost passed out when leaving the doctors office!! Spent the next few days lying on the sofa not able to do much.

I have started a new knitting project – a Congratulations banner/bunting. Amazingly I am already on the final letter! Although I find knitting larger projects like cardigans impossible it seems knitting smaller letters is quite easy because you don’t have the so much weight on the needles! I’m rather proud of what I’m managing to achieve. Not only that but I got my TMA and CMA results back last week (See my post on my other blog: http://lifewithmedoingadegree.blogspot.co.uk/ ) Which brightened an otherwise pretty rubbish week.

This weekend has been another tough one, heat is wrecking havoc with my blood pressure so I’m having to lie down quite a lot and increase my fluid intake. Also had a lot of stress from the situation at home, being stuck in either the house or garden when you have neighbours like I have makes a tough situation even tougher. I’ll be so glad to get out one day this week just to be able to relax.

One day we will get everything sorted and be able to relax properly in our own home, until that day I guess we’ve just got to make do with the small amount of time we have peace and put up with the rest of it. I fear when that day comes I am going to crash since I’ve spent the last 4 years living on edge waiting for the noise to start and not being able relax properly, on the rare occasion I start to relax the noise starts and I end up stressing again.

I will hopefully update this blog again in the coming weeks, with how the trip out to the coast went and how things are generally! But for now as always feel free to comment below or tweet me @SmilingClare

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