Well it’s been a while again!! Things haven’t been great for me these past few weeks but I’m hopeful they’re slowly improving again now.

I had a week where I was unable to sit up in the evenings without getting dizzy/almost fainting. I’ve since increased the amount I’m drinking which seems to have helped. Still get it occasionally and have to lie down but it’s not every night. Will be mentioning this when I next go to the doctors though just to get it checked out.

I managed to cope with taking care of my younger sister one evening whilst all this dizziness was happening. It wasn’t easy but I did it and am rather proud of myself for doing so.

I got a new pair of crutches as well! I now have one pair upstairs and one downstairs – I struggle to use them on our stairs but need them each end! They couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

This past week I’ve had a few problems again, my legs have become so weak they will not support my weight & shake a lot of the time. So I’m now using crutches round the house all the time. Stairs have been a real nightmare, it takes me 5-10 minutes to climb them, holding onto the rail and wall for support, stopping on each step to summon the energy and ability to lift my leg up to the next one. Coming down my legs are even worse – they shake more when they’re bent and I put weight on them if that makes sense? Consequently I’ve resorted to bottom shuffling down the stairs! Also limiting the number of trips to coming down in the morning (putting everything I expect to need for the day in a bag to take down with me) and going up last thing at night (again taking anything I need to back up in a bag).

I went for a short walk with my Mum on Tuesday (using the crutches obviously!!) which felt like a major achievement but I collapsed on the sofa exhausted and in pain when I got back. The next day I wasn’t too bad but still tried to take it easy as I knew if I continued as normal I was likely to get worse. Fate didn’t want that though as a parcel arrived when I was lying on the swingseat in our garden – I had to rush through the house on my crutches to reach the door, by which stage the delivery guy was just about to give up and leave! But I got the parcel, and ended up paying big time for that mad rush!

Woke up Thursday & Friday struggling to move without a lot of pain, I didn’t sleep that well either and concentration would have been a miracle!! Today though having got some sleep last night and plenty of rest the past few days, I’m feeling a little better and trying to catch up on a few things I didn’t do earlier in the week – reply to messages, my Open University work, and update this blog!

I’m still in a lot of pain, my legs are still ridiculously weak and I’m a lot more fatigued than ‘normal’ but I am slowly getting back on an even keel. Just got to take things slow and get plenty of rest.

I’m hoping everyone reading this is having a good, pain-free weekend! I can’t say when I’ll post again but hopefully it won’t be too long!

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