Sorry for being so quiet for a whole month! I have spent most of that time in bed or on the sofa resting, coupled with any necessary study to get assignments in on time.

I am now slowly starting to improve, although still much worse than I have been for years (in fact maybe ever!) Things are looking up.

Some of the symptoms I now have, and other things that have gone wrong:

  • Noise & Light sensitivity to varying degrees depending on the day.
  • Muscle weakness particularly in my hands, wrists and legs.
  • A ganglion cyst on my right hand.
  • Painful hypermobile joints

These are just the symptoms to be added to the ones I was already suffering. Creating quite a list now…

Some good things to have happened in the time I’ve been resting have been:

  • I’ve found out I have some amazing supportive friends who really are here for me no matter what!
  • I scored 82% on my first Computer Marked Assignment (CMA).
  • Amazingly, unbelievably managed to score 100% on my first Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for this course!!!
  • I’ve started looking into getting help – mainly in the form of self-help, teaching myself the basics of CBT but it’s a start.

I realise the style of my blog posts has changed, but at the moment I find it easier to write in short points like this than any other way. I hope that doesn’t put you off reading!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, I know I made the best of a difficult situation and managed to enjoy myself a little. I plan to update this blog when I can, but it may not be particularly regularly at the moment as I get myself back on the road to recovery.

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