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The End of 2022

To say this year hasn’t gone as I expected would be an understatement. From unexpected test results in January, to an emergency hospital admission in April, to adopting a dog in June, to waiting for major surgery since August; none of that was on my radar as 2022 began. But I have survived, taken it all in my stride & coped surprisingly well for someone who doesn’t like needles, blood or hospitals. In March we also lost my Grandad, something that wasn’t totally unexpected but was difficult all the same. 

There have been some good things though; obviously adopting Dolly dog has got to be the absolute highlight of the year; a childhood dream come true and I honestly can’t imagine life without her now. In September I celebrated my 30th birthday in style; by spending a week on Mersea Island with my family, some close friends & Dolly dog of course! My health wasn’t brilliant and I spent most of my time in the accommodation but it was a lovely change of scene and with the beach so close I was able to enjoy some gorgeous views on short trips out.

Christmas is proving to be a challenging time; the first one without my Grandad, the first one we’re planning to have at home on our own in I don’t know how long, the first (and hopefully only) one with me coping with constant discomfort (and sometimes a lot of pain) from a ureteral stent and the first (and again hopefully last) one while still waiting for major surgery. I’m also recovering from a tooth abscess & subsequent antibiotics & root canal treatment; the final part of treatment is in the new year. All of that has made it difficult to get into the festive spirit, but I’m sure we’re going to make the best of it, as we always do.

This year has been a tough one to say the least, and this poor blog has been sorely neglected. There are so many draft posts I’ve started but not finished, some from last year! I just haven’t had the energy or cognitive function to finish & publish them. I’m hoping that in 2023 I can find my way back to regular blogging & perhaps even update the whole site a bit too. Although I guess that’s all dependent on when I have surgery & how my recovery from that goes; 2023 could be spent getting back to baseline, only time will tell. 

In the meantime I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023. I hope you all manage to have many enjoyable moments over this festive period.

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  1. Stacey

    This was a nice year end wrap up. How were the fainting spells over the past year? Any episodes of passing out cold?

    • Clare

      Thank you. Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up on comments and reply. I think I only had one episode of passing out cold, although I had many close calls where the only thing that stopped it was quickly lying down and getting my feet up higher than my head. I find it hard to keep count though, especially after the year I had – I don’t remember that much during the worst times, it’s like my brain doesn’t want me to remember those.

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