I meant to write an update back at the beginning of December after my appointment then but hospital things spiralled and combined with Christmas preparations I just didn’t get a chance.

So, back then things with physiotherapy were going very well; I was managing to complete the gentle exercises twice a day, and had managed to increase some of them to five reps each. My physiotherapist was really pleased with me. And we talked about maybe increasing a little bit more, adding in an extra one to help my shoulders.

However, since then I have had a number of viruses, which have meant some days I’ve been unable to do any physiotherapy, while others I’ve only managed half of what I was previously able to do. I have gradually built it up again as I have recovered from these viruses, only for another one to strike and ending up back at square one again. But we will get there.

Now I know I’ve been saying how fantastic and understanding my physiotherapist is, but I couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive about the latest appointment; it was the first time I was attending a physiotherapy appointment having not been able to keep up with what had been suggested. And while I know I’d been told it was ok for me to reduce the amount I did during bad days/patches, I was still worried I’d be told off for reducing it so much.

But alas I needn’t have feared that! In keeping with my experience thus far with this physiotherapist, she was brilliant yet again and told me I’d done really well at managing my physiotherapy exercises while more unwell than normal! I’d done the right thing in reducing them, and the fact that I’d continued at a reduced level rather than stopping them entirely for days, had allowed me to bounce back to my “normal” level more quickly.

I have to admit it felt rather strange being praised for having reduced my activity level when feeling worse than usual, after so many years of being told to keep trying to do more but not push through symptoms. (I still don’t know what that really means!) So for now I’m continuing as I was, slowly building back up with the aim of increasing the number of reps for each exercise up to 5, when I feel ready.

I can’t explain how reassuring it is to be told that I’ve shown I know how to manage my physiotherapy and fatigue levels effectively, reducing and increasing the exercises as my symptoms allow. For once I finally feel like I’m doing something right in the eyes of the medical profession, and it’s not being detrimental to my health either.

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