Well 2019 has certainly not gone the way I expected it to. At the beginning of the year I never would have imagined I’d have had a total of 15 hospital appointments, let alone become fairly laid back about those appointments.

Back in May I was a nervous wreck about hospital appointments, I hated hospitals and any appointment at them would make me incredibly anxious. Now for the most part I just take it all in my stride. That’s not to say there aren’t appointments I get anxious about; there are, but considering the number of appointments I now have at hospitals, for the most part I don’t get anywhere near as anxious as I used to.

I also never would have imagined I’d be ending the year having been diagnosed with joint hypermobility and referred to specialists in London about that as well. Let alone doing physiotherapy to help strengthen and stabilise my joints, within the limits set by my other conditions. And also be under the care of a haematologist, trying to figure out the cause of some abnormal blood results.

Such a lot has happened medically this year; it seems to have been dominated by hospital appointments, often with at least one a week for weeks on end at times. But there has also been some other momentous things happen as well.

Two holidays, albeit not far from home, but a change of scenery all the same. Yes, not just one, but two! Admittedly one was significantly better than the other, but we made the best of both of them. And it was good to have a break of some kind.

I’ve gained a little independence through buying a secondhand wheelchair with power add on; meaning I can get myself around shops and into town. Not yet confident, or even well enough, to go out on my own in it but at least it does mean I am in control of where I’m going. Although admittedly to begin with, after so many years relying on someone else to push my wheelchair, this was rather terrifying!

I’ve also been out with friends for a meal, without my parents, but with my manual wheelchair, which I managed to self-propel from the car, to the restaurant table etc. with relative ease. Okay, so it completely broke me for the days that followed, but it was so completely worth it for the enjoyment I had during those few hours out of the house.

I’ve even met up with one of the many friends I’ve made online through social media, and I’m hoping to meet up with more in the future.

Quite honestly 2019 has been one overwhelming year in terms of my health, and everything that’s come with it. But my friends, both new and old, alongside this blog and my social media accounts, have kept me going; provided an outlet when I’ve needed it most, and quite truthfully I don’t know where I’d be without them. So thank you to all of you whether you’re my friends reading this, or someone who just pops on occasionally and reads these ramblings of mine, I really do appreciate it.

As for 2020, there’s already 4 hospital appointments booked, here’s hoping they’ll all prove helpful! I’m also hoping to arrange meeting up with some more of the friends I’ve made online, health permitting on both sides of that one! To finish decorating my room and unpacking my stuff which has been boxed for two years now, as well as making it to the Christmas Carol Service at church, which is one thing I didn’t manage this year due to poor health.

Here’s to making the best of 2020, whatever it might bring!

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